Once your auto repair business starts getting customers and your bays are complete, the next thing you want to manage is your time. If you manage time wisely, you will generate 10x sales and run your auto repair shop with profit. Take advantage of auto repair shop software and see more cars in and out of your garage.

If you survey top entrepreneurs and their business methods,  you will find one thing in common: they had been bright and worked on managing their time somehow. Most of them had to attend workshops to learn that skill. I will say it is a skill because everyone doesn’t know how to save their time smartly.

Most auto repair owners talk about ways to save time and maximize productivity, so if you are in the same boat, this blog post is for you. 

Let’s discuss how you can save time and run your shop smoothly. That will allow you to keep building profits.

Schedule Appointments To Save Time 

Getting started with a client begins with scheduling appointments. Before scheduling appointments, you must check with your technicians and the bays’ availability in your shop.

But if you schedule appointments manually, it will consume a lot of your time. Because every time, you will have to go through your schedule diary to check availabilities. However, if you schedule your customer’s appointments using digital auto repair scheduling software, you can easily schedule multiple appointments simultaneously. 

You can quickly check the auto repair shop software calendar to find open slots. In fact, your customers can easily book an appointment with your shop by checking for availability on the website, which will automatically notify you of your software. 

Appointment scheduling

Moreover, it also gives you automatic reminders for your future appointments. And you don’t have to waste time calling your customers to remind them of their appointment and feel embarrassed when they hang up in your face. Thus, send email or SMS.   

Hassle-Free Inspections

Inspections, the least favorite part for service advisors in the auto repair business is manual inspections. But the most vital action to perform is when a customer’s vehicle enters the garage. 

Giving a clear, transparent overview of what needs to be fixed in a customer’s vehicle is important so that they clearly understand what they will pay you for. But you can do it digitally using the best auto repair inspection software.

Another thing that annoys service advisors is that they have to rewrite inspections from scratch again because technicians’ writing is usually hard to understand for customers.

Now, you can do 10x faster inspections using an OBD scanner, read vehicle data codes, provide other information about the vehicle, and tell what repairs need to be done in the car. 

You can verify all the inspections with signatures, and while inspecting vehicles, you can attach pictures to make them trust you more. They will know what you are telling them is accurate and need immediate action to be fixed. 

Custom Templates 

Here is the good news: you can create unlimited custom templates for customers. It helps you customize everything to your liking for certain vehicles. 

For instance, you can create custom templates for vehicles that visit your garage frequently. So that you don’t have to go through inspections repeatedly.

If you want to add more inspections or the car needs more fixes, you can easily edit them. So it helps you save time, which you waste doing manually each time.

Precise calculations

Once you are done with inspections and they get approved by customers, you send them final estimates. However, if they decline forecasts in the first place, you can still edit them and send them over again by changing what they asked you to change.

Can you feel how much auto repair software keeps you safe here? You don’t have to write estimates from scratch again because if you do so, it will consume your time, and your energy will be drained.

So always work smart rather than hard. And get your estimates approved by customers digitally. It saves you time because if you wait for them to appear at your shop and approve the estimates, there will be a delay.

But as soon as they approve you by email or phone, your technicians can start working on their vehicles immediately without any wait. 

Estimated Turnaround

Another thing that your customers will like you for is that you will give them an estimated turnaround, which lets them know when the vehicle will be delivered back. 

It lets them know you are a shop that keeps its promises. And you are concerned about delivering back to customers on time.  

Digital Approvals

Digital approval saves time, and you instantly start working on customers’ vehicles once they approve the estimates your shop gave. You should provide your customers with ease; in that case, you should ask them to drop their vehicle at your garage. You can invite them to leave your shop and run their daily errands efficiently. They don’t have to sit all day long at your shop for your techs to complete their inspections and estimates.

Instead,  you will send your customers estimates digitally and get their approval online or over a call.

Generate QUICK Invoices 

We all want to save time in one way or another. For that, you have to manage things accordingly. You will not save time if you handle everything manually; you will waste so much time that it could be easily automated.

However, you can create multiple invoices simultaneously using auto-repair invoicing software. And if any calculations go wrong, you can easily edit them without doing everything from the start again.

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