If you are thinking about starting a car detailing business, you must be thinking about what detailing services you can offer in your auto detailing shop. To be honest, the detailing business is so diverse and you can add amazing add-ons to generate even more revenue. And beyond that, auto detailing software would be a great tool for running your business.

This blog post will help you become a dime a dozen auto detailing shop and will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Happy Detailing! 😉

Why Should You Use Auto Detailing Software For Your Shop?

You must have heard about detailing software. If not, car detailing software helps you make repair orders, assign jobs, create estimates, invoices and perform multiple inspections. Best of all, it’s easy to use and can be customized to meet all your needs.

In other words, the simpler your processes are, the more likely your customers are to stick with your auto detailing shop. And this software will also help in preventing your auto detailing shop from being a rat’s nest. 

If you will be more stuck with boring management tasks you will be giving less attention to your passion. Here’s what it would look like: Your one foot will be in your bays and the other one is on taking phone calls, greeting new customers, and sending invoices. It’s a hassle! 

Put Your Passion First

Making your customer’s vehicle beautiful & gleaming is your passion. 🚗 And we want you to focus on your passion. With Torque360 you can blend your old school work ethic with modern technology in your auto detailing shop.

2022 is more about convenience, so don’t sell yourself short with slow spreadsheets, pen & paper methods. They are tedious and boring. Instead, think smart and dazzle your customers with your work. Leave the rest to your auto detailing software.

And what about showing your passion to the world? It’s also important to market your services on social media.

Car fanatics who are obsessed with their vehicle want every component to shine. Their eyes will be drawn to your beautiful work.  

They take this saying too seriously…

Your car is your second home. Let it shine like a new one. 🎇

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There is nothing better than having up-to-date social media channels. Not only does it help you gain more customers but also lets you connect with your current and potential customers on a deeper level. 

Social media is a great opportunity to create a personal connection with your detailing customers.🤗

Know Your Customers’ Minds: Offer Right Services

Have you heard people saying… Know your clientele?

In order to offer the right detailing services to your customers, it is imperative to understand their needs.

Let’s say you have a basic detailing shop. A customer came to your shop who wants to have two services. He needs his vehicle headlight restored and the interior cleaned thoroughly. Unfortunately, your shop services don’t include interior deep cleaning. 

Do you feel the customer’s disappointment?

In this situation, a customer would prefer to take services from a shop where he can get multiple services

An inconvenience is not someone’s cup of tea.🤐 

Auto detailing is not just cleaning your car. It is much more than that. It is providing the highest-quality services to your customers, who are willing to pay for it.

Top 5 Services To Offer In Your Auto Detailing Shop

Let’s make it simple, there are two types of customers you will have in your detailing shop.

A typical customer would be someone who just wants to drive a clean car and doesn’t care about specific services as long as it’s clean. They just want a spiffy ride. 💟

There comes the second category who we call: car enthusiasts. 

They are also more sentimental about their cars. You can say cars are their passion, so they want every part to shine. ✨ They will look for a spectrum of services including: sparkling interior, undercarriage wash, trunk detailing, and degreasing. 

So you have to be prepared for both types of customers. So you can offer basic auto detailing services and premium services to customers. 

Some Basic Car detailing Services:

  • Exterior Wash and Dry 

A detailer works on the exterior of the car after washing it and drying it with specialized products. Additionally, this service may include cleaning the rims, handles, and glass.

  • Vacuuming

Vacuuming is performed on seats, carpets, and mats. Additionally, more expensive packages include vacuuming the headliner, cargo area, and trunk.

Premium Car Detailing Services Include:

  • Interior Scrubbing and Brushing 

Exterior cleaning of cars is not enough for some customers. So offering deep interior cleaning is also very important. The detailer works on the car interior which includes removing stains from carpets and mats on the floor to full detailing. You may also offer vinyl cleaning, dressing, carpet shampooing, and leather conditioning.

  • Polishing 

Detailers buff the vehicle’s exterior with an abrasive compound to get rid of scratch marks and swirls.

  • Headlight Restoration

To be safe on the road car lights should be in working order. Oftentimes, scratched, foggy-looking headlights or discolored paint are problems you need to fix.  Buffing headlights, adding wax/sealant or rubbing compound and buffer to restore lens can be the part of the process.

  • Paint Correction 

The process of paint correction is intended to remove small imperfections from the surface of a vehicle’s finish and make it look better. This is a process that takes away any flaws on the top layer of a car’s paintwork via machine buffing. 

  • Glass Cleaning

In order to have the best visibility when driving, it is important to maintain and clean glass both for the exterior and interior. The detailer cleans the windshield and windows, inside and out.

Wrapping It Up!

In your auto detailing shop, you will meet two types of customers: the passionate and the apathetic.

When a car fanatic comes into your shop, you wouldn’t want him to leave disappointed because of limited services. So try to understand your customers and offer services in your auto detailing shop accordingly.

You can offer basic services that include exterior and interior washing and vacuuming.  And offer additional services like headlight restoration, carpet shampooing, and leather conditioning, glass cleaning on your menu. 📃

There is a great tip that I shared with you in this blog post: focus more on your passion and leave the rest to the auto detailing shop. For instance, an estimating software would be helping you in creating quick estimates for customers and getting them approved online.

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