Whether you run a small detailing shop or a busy auto repair shop, you constantly make or receive phone calls from customers to schedule their appointments. It’s easy to manage everything when you are a startup, but it gets messy when your business expands. As summers are approaching, there will be more customers. That’s EXCITING, but there is a high chance that due to a heavy workload, you miss appointments, mess up with payments, or fail to deliver back to customers’ timely. Let auto repair scheduling software be your savior.

It helps you to schedule, manage and repair against the clock. ⏰

You can easily book your customers’ appointments online, or even they can book their appointments individually through your website.

This minimizes your work and hassle. Moreover, it keeps you up-to-date with every upcoming appointment. You can look at everything on your software in one glance. This helps you book more bumper-to-bumper appointments according to your technicians’ availability. 

Stay tuned because we will discuss some MORE INCREDIBLE benefits you can get from this software.🤗

Promised Deliveries 

As a repair shop owner, it’s always a dream to have an influx of cars in the service or repair area. The downside is that this can lead to unhappy customers. 

Now you might be wondering how this can make my customers unhappy? Returning vehicles on time becomes harder if you say YES to every customer. Before committing to any new customer, you should check the workload of your techs on that particular day. 

Rather than implementing manual solutions to this situation, like keeping a handbook for customers’ appointments, hanging a wall calendar, or keeping sticky notes right in front of your desk. Why burdensome your day with such boring manual solutions?

Go towards digital, time-saving solutions that generate value within minutes.

I’m talking about utilizing the easiest way to deal with this situation. Using the free auto repair scheduler to check the suitable time and day to book an appointment for the customer. Just go to your software, open your calendar, and see existing or upcoming appointments. Yeah, it’s that simple!

As a result, being a customer-oriented provider, you will make each customer count on your shop. Next time when they will need repairs with promised delivery, they will know where to go: to your auto repair shop.

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Access Anywhere, Anytime

In the fast-paced world, your solutions should meet the modern expectations of your customers. Let me simplify what they expect from you, they want more self-service tools from you. For instance, your customers want to book online appointments, go for digital and accurate inspections, quick checkouts.

Hence, they will expect you to make it possible for them to book an appointment online, keep them updated about the status of their vehicles, etc. Your young, modern customers usually look for you online. Therefore, you have to give them a modern solution.

There is one secret: if you make efforts for customers’ convenience, it will benefit your auto repair shop because it allows you to attract more customers to your shop rather than relying entirely on walk-ins.

With auto repair scheduling software customers can simply go to your website and book an appointment with you that will be automatically updated on your software. Just look how amazingly auto repair software simplifies your workflow.

Moreover, you make your customers book appointments with you in a more personalized way. They can choose suitable slots, select their own services, and choose the time that is convenient for them.

Not only this, but they can also add notes while booking appointments. This helps you remember and prioritize their concerns.

Automatic Reminders

Let’s get into a scenario, now imagine that you call your customer for a service reminder and say something like, “Your next maintenance check-up is due”. Should I schedule you for an afternoon or morning appointment? In return, the customer hangs up the call. It will drain all your enthusiasm drastically.

I know and understand this feeling is quite embarrassing. I’ve been through this as a salesperson earlier in my life. You expect a polite answer from customers even if they are busy, like a “call me later” reply. Your customers will never understand this, but Torque360 understands and becomes a keeper for you. It allows you to send automatic reminders to your customers. 

They will receive a notification popup that they can ignore or see later if they are busy. Now you don’t have to be making calls every time. Moreover, this will also reduce no-customer showups.

I guarantee, some customers will be thankful to you when they will appear at your shop. Because they will feel that you value them and don’t want their vehicle to break down on the road and cause inconvenience to them. This is another best way to increase customer retention.

Pro tip: Try to make a place in your customer’s hearts, and you will stay in their mind forever. 🧡

digital vehicle inspection

Convert Schedules Into Digital Vehicle Inspections

Want your schedules to turn into inspections in the blink of an eye?

Here is good news for you: digital vehicle inspection software allows you to easily and quickly turn your appointments into inspections. 

When customers appear at your shop on the appointment day, you can easily turn the schedule into an inspection with a single click and start working on their repair order.

This is the magical software for your service advisors, and they are going to love you for this useful investment. This saves them alot of time and effort. They don’t have to manually fill the long list of (greasy) inspection papers or bear techs’ handwriting which technicians also fail to understand sometimes. 😯

On the contrary, you allow them to do inspections in a more digital and personalized way. Because auto repair software allows them to use custom templates while doing inspections on a busy day.

Well, did I forget to mention the ease this software provides for your technicians? Your technicians are going to be lovin’ it. They can do inspections faster than ever using OBD scanners integrated with the software. When I say faster, it really means faster, like in 10 seconds. WOOHOO!

Quick Estimates: Even Before Booking Appointments 

Want blazing-fast estimates for customers? It’s not an issue anymore because with auto repair estimating software, you can create estimates for your customers even before they appear at your shop.

If your customers ask you to give them estimates before an appointment over a phone call. You can still do that and send them an estimate report over SMS or email. You can easily create estimates with customers’ concerns. The estimator and scheduler software will calculate and let you know the profitability you can generate from particular repairs. In an estimate report, you can guide your customers on the total cost of supply, labor, parts, tax, discounts, etc.

This makes it easy for customers to have an overview of how much they will be charged for certain repairs. After reviewing the total cost, they can call you to approve estimates and book an appointment or ask to add changes to current estimates.


With auto repair scheduling software, you can give a 10x times boost to your work performance in your auto repair shop. This allows you to take more repair orders and book multiple appointments all at once.

This helps to do quick digital inspections and create detailed estimate reports and invoices. This all-in-one software is going to be a real game-changer for your auto repair shop and allows you to give TOP-NOTCH services to your customers. Try it to believe.

Limited Time Offer
Get 90 Days Free On Annual Subscription
Cut costs by 50%
Increase revenue by 33%
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