Have you ever desired to have unlimited potential where you handle everything you want? If you ask me, I always wanted to have control of everything in my auto repair business. To run a phenomenally successful auto repair shop, you need to digitize your shop methods like using: auto repair estimate software

A good auto repair shop software helps you stand out from other shops. Especially auto repair shops that lack technology. Customers in the US appreciate the convenience and fast processing methods on every step you offer them.

As a repair shop owner, you expect rims to be delivered as fast as possible, without being ripped off from your vendors.  Similarly, your auto repair customers expect you to deliver them back to their vehicles on time.

Talking about timely deliveries it’s the perfect time to talk about online auto repair estimating software. It lets your shop technicians know when they should be delivering back to customers. Let’s sum up how estimating software benefits a garage.

What Makes Auto Repair Software the First Choice?

We all have our first preferences, but there is always a reason behind it that makes it our first choice.  Similarly, when I looked closely at all successful auto repair shops they had one thing in common.

That one magical ingredient for all auto repair shops was a good auto repair software that saved them when all other methods had failed. It reduces the likelihood of errors when you are creating repair orders for customers.

Creating repair orders is a crucial part of the auto repair business yet the most important one. It starts getting messy when you have to create for multiple customers standing in a row.

Less Room For Errors

Most of the time, people make mistakes when they have a heavy workload or perhaps they cannot focus because they just had a bad fight at home with their spouse. 🤣

Ah, we all have been there, HAVEN’T WE?

In the auto repair business, you have to repeat many tasks again and again and that results in making you more frustrated and less focused. But when you create your customer’s repair order using auto repair scheduling software most information is easily automated.

For instance, when their vehicle enters your bay, you simply use a barcode scanner that is integrated with your software. It automatically fills the vehicle information on your software. So you don’t need to write long 16-digits VINs.  Easy scheduling and managing your inventory at peace with auto repair estimator software.

Despite a bad mood, you can still be smiling and creating fast repair orders for customers providing them the best customer service experience.

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Access from Anywhere, Anytime

The modern generation is accustomed to having myriad digital solutions that are easy and can be performed online using their favorite MacBook.

Auto repair industries have revolutionized way more than before. They utilize technology in the most efficient way with help of auto repair software and allowing customers to have online updates.

Before customers have to physically visit the shop to book their appointments. However, now they can book their appointments online with your shop sitting at home utilizing all the ease.

As long, you are online you can access your auto repair estimator software from anywhere using any device that has a web browser. When the technician will start working on your vehicle or when he will be done with his repairs you will get automatic updates online.  



Getting paid fast is every business owner’s dream. Each time a car enters your bay, you constantly wait for your technician to finish his repairs so that you perform your favorite part of the job: getting your payments.

But if you are still stuck with old methods where you have to send your invoices to customers through MAIL. You wait for them to appear at your shop anxiously. And sometimes they don’t even receive the post when you complain to them for not paying you timely. 

We want our customers to check out quickly, without chaos and wait times. If you use auto repair software, you allow your customers to pay you from anywhere. While they are eating their favorite sushi, they can pay you.

Another thing that makes you different from other shops is fast processing. When you swipe a card it takes time to process but with software that has integrated payment solutions. You can process your payments in under 2 seconds.

Next-Day Deposits

Let me tell you another useful piece of information if your customer pays you on Friday, you will likely receive them on Saturday. Woah! Now remember, when you have to wait for your payments to come to your bank account so that you can deposit them, you know how painful and time-consuming it can be.

Moreover, auto repair pricing software offers best-in-class rates. Some software charges very high rates for every transaction ( up to 3% + 10 cents for every transaction ). However, with Torque your transaction charges will be as low as 0.9% + 10 cents. so you can save a lot of money in the long run.


Garage owners are utilizing digital technology to the best. They have made auto repair estimate software their first choice because its results are visible.

They are making the fastest estimates, than ever. And they are more reliable and transparent for your customers. You don’t have to go through painful manual methods like entering 16 digits VINs.

Vehicle information is important so it can’t be skipped. Because it lets you know the car you are repairing is not stolen. Service shops use this information to identify the engine, transmission, and brake systems installed on customers’ vehicles, so they can efficiently service them.

Moreover, the more you provide ease that will be good for your customers and shop employees. And you will be paid faster than ever. Isn’t that what you want?

Limited Time Offer
Get 30% Off
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Increase revenue by 33%
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