When things go well in your auto repair business, you eventually turn a small shop into a big garage. Your team expands along with it. A lot of big garage owners complain that they are unable to track their technicians’ productivity. However, I have a solution for this. Use an auto repair shop software to measure their productivity. 

This software lets you measure your technician’s productivity.  You can easily measure their clock in-out time and decide how much you are going to pay them accordingly. Moreover, your technicians will deliver it back on time to your customers. 

They will keep up with their promises because of the automated reminders with the help of auto repair scheduling software. There are a plethora of benefits that your technicians can utilize with this software.

Stick till the end and know why it’s important to track your technician’s performance. Read along!  

Why It’s Important To Track Your Technician’s Performance?

As a repair shop owner, you have to keep track of so many things. In order to keep your customers satisfied, you have to keep up with their vehicles because if your technicians keep delivering back their vehicles late, they will stop coming back.

This means you will lose your potential customer due to your technicians’ negligence. For gaining customer’s trust it’s important that you give promised deliveries.

However, if you use auto repair shop software, there is no need to worry, because it will help you give your customers a precise estimate, with an estimated turnaround time. It lets your customers know when they will get their vehicle back. When customers drop off their vehicles in your garage, they count every day until they receive them. Use auto repair estimating software to create an estimated turnaround time for customers.

So if you deliver them on time, You become your customer’s favorite and they start trusting you. Then you can easily sell your extra services where you can earn a higher paycheck. Which will profit you more. 😄

Focus On Areas of Improvement

It’s always good to know what improvements can you make for your business because every improvement leads to a better future for your business.

We all make mistakes in the beginning. However, we should learn from those mistakes. Because there is always a chance in the room for improvements. As we are talking about our technicians’ performance, once you start tracking their working hours. You will have a better idea about which technicians need to improve their work efficiency.

You can simply tell them to increase their productivity because they are failing to keep your customers happy. So you are giving them chance to perform better.

auto repair shop technician

Rewards For Smart Technicians 

Technicians are an important asset for your business. So you should keep them happy and if they are doing well at their repairing job you should give them incentives. 

It will increase their motivation, and they will love to work for you with full devotion and handwork. However, if you don’t pay them well they will become your competition sometime soon. Because due to COVID-19 there is a technician’s shortage in the market so keep your asset with you and don’t let them become your competition.

Technician Dashboard 

You might be wondering what a technician’s portal is. Your shop technicians have to become tech-savvy. We’re in 2022, and your repair shop technicians should be familiar with all the basics of how to use tablets and smartphones. Which I’m sure they would be.

If in case, if they aren’t aware of the technology that much, you can give them training (or arrange it) because it will help them learn auto repair shop software 

Because it will also help them manage their work better, for instance, your technicians can do a digital inspection of a customer’s vehicle using OBD scanners.

There is no chance of misunderstanding, your service advisor and customers can have direct communication. Auto repair estimating software is integrated with Twilio 2-way SMS. You can mention your technicians in the comment section to tell them clearly what are the updates.  

when you will create a repair order for your customer communication will be shown in the popup of every repair order. To avoid any confusion.

Moreover, if your service advisor misses telling any immediate action required to your customers while making estimates, your technician can recommend in recommending section.

Never Miss a Job Again

Missing a job means losing a chance to mint money. Ah, that’s painful. 

But with auto repair shop software you can assign your technicians their job as soon as customers leave their vehicle in your garage. You can assign your technicians their job even before they come in your shop. 

Create a work order for your technicians, while sitting at your home while using the auto repair shop software. Moreover, on one work order, multiple technicians can be assigned. But you can’t assign multiple jobs to a single technician. 

When you will create a work order for your technicians only the assigned technician can see what repair job is assigned to him. 

This software is fully integrated with a job tracking board where you can check what time your technician has to deliver back. It gives an automatic alert to the technician before a day when they have to deliver back the customer’s vehicle before time. It reminds him of what time and day he is bound to give back customers’ vehicles.

It’s human nature to forget things, especially right before the due date. This software is a lifesaver for your technicians. And they are going to love the ease you are going to provide them.

Save Time: Order Your Vendor Before Time

As an auto repair shop owner, you must know the hassle when things are running short in your inventory and you’re unable to place an order or make a sale. To avoid this hassle, order before time so that your technicians face no delays.

If your inventory is managed well, your technician will start working right away. However, if there are parts missing, it will cause unusual delays. So, keep track of your inventory using auto detailing software

Moreover, you get updates about parts on which you’re running low and easily check what quantity is left without going to your inventory physically. It’s amazing how it saves your time. And let you manage your auto repair shop in a better way.