So, you want to get quality auto repair shop software for your garage? But which software will fulfill your daily needs and boost your business?

The trouble is that the options currently available in the market do not meet all the requirements of a modern auto repair business. Your shop requires an all-in-one solution that can cater to business needs from all angles.

We’ve compiled a list of the significant problems with current auto repair shop software. Take note of these issues and only invest in software that is free from them.

Outdated User Interfaces

Most auto repair software in the market has not had an interface and design update since they were launched. They look unappealing and cluttered. It is difficult and time-consuming to navigate through them. 

And if you can’t find specific menus simply because the design makes it hard, you may waste even more time than before buying the software. Manual paperwork may even seem more appealing to you.

When choosing auto repair shop software, always carefully consider its interface. Only software with a sleek and elegant design is worth purchasing.

Does Not Cover All Needs

When you buy auto repair software, you expect it to cover all aspects of your business nets. Current software, however, usually focuses on only a few things. This means you will need one software to record customer and employee data and another to send emails. So you’ll be paying significantly more to fulfill all your requirements.

On the flip side, software that has many integrations automatically helps you out more. Reliable auto repair shop software is integrated with modern payment solutions ranging from Mastercard to PayPal, so customers can pay however they like. In addition, it has a VIN decoder and plate lookup for security, as well as built-in customer communication tools.

Before making a purchase, you should check if the auto shop software can handle various tasks. So, don’t settle for less; only opt for an all-inclusive solution.

Not Portable

You might expect significant improvements in your garage when you invest in auto repair shop software; what happens is different. Current auto repair software uses older technologies and can only be run on a desktop computer.

So, one of your mechanics would sit in front of a computer system while another would have to inspect a vehicle and then constantly come back to pass on details to the first one. The first mechanic would then record all these details into the auto repair software. Do you see how inefficient this is? Your employees may even prefer paper-based systems over this.

The best auto repair shop software is used on tablets and iPads. Your technicians can easily carry an iPad in their hands when inspecting vehicles. They can instantly enter any information without passing it on to others first.

No Dedicated Mechanic and Customer Portals

Your employees may need regular access to customer records and repair job clock-ins, but they don’t have to examine analytics. On the other hand, you would be interested in monitoring employee productivity records and overall business health. The problem with the existing auto repair shop software is that it doesn’t offer a dedicated technician portal. That is a significant inconvenience in your daily work.

At the same time, offering your customers exclusive portals is no option. These portals are a significant boost because clients can easily book appointments, track repaired rs, and give you valuable feedback.

The best auto repair shop software purchase is one that can offer dedicated mechanic and customer portals. This helps you streamline all processes and run your business more smoothly.


If you’ve researched the different auto repair shop software available, you’ll already know that most cost more than $300 monthly. It’s a hefty sum, especially if you own a small or medium-sized business. And you don’t get the total value for your money since you can’t avail of the most efficient services.

You are paying too much if you have to invest in different software for Evetask. Your profit margin becomes too reduced. You might even end up regretting ever purchasing auto repair software.

Sophisticated auto repair software is the one that guarantees ease of use and handles all your business needs. As a result, you make the most out of your money.

Revise your auto repair business budget plan and take your business to the top.


Innovative auto repair software is your best investment for your business. But you should be sure that you are getting your money’s worth. Current auto repair software is riddled with problems you only discover after paying.

Your auto repair business deserves an all-in-one solution that handles your needs. Only then will you be able to streamline your workflow and supercharge all processes?

So make your decision wisely!