Belonging to the auto repair industry, you know that it is constant input that generates regular profit streams. You can’t sit around and wait aimlessly for customers to come to you. Every auto repair business needs auto repair management software. Because why not? It streamlines all your tasks that take long hours if you start doing them manually. 😒

Most entrepreneurs in the automotive industry experience that gaining the trust of their leads is one of the biggest challenges for them. After all, you are repairing the most valuable possession of your customers. In this highly competitive industry, people prefer to go to their known technicians because they trust them. Therefore, attracting new customers and closing more sales at your auto repair shop is an essential task. That’s why we’re here with the best sales tactics that repair shop owners can try, regardless of their business size.

“Accepting modern consumer behavior for your next sales plan can help you continuously win over customers.”

5 Amazing Sales Tactics to Try for Your Auto Repair Business

Utilize Auto Repair Management Software for Referral Reward Programs

Who doesn’t like to get rewards for ordinary things?

So, use your existing customers to get more profit. Have them work for you by tempting them with special rewards and incentives. Inform clients about benefits they’ll receive by bringing their friends, family, or coworkers. In return, you can offer small freebies, a discounted service, or perhaps a free oil change.

Why implement a referral rewards program for more sales?  

Research conducted by Neilson shows that 83% of people worldwide trust recommendations from friends and family. Think about this from your own perspective. We all look for real references when choosing a business or service provider. 

A good gesture is offering a little favor to new customers when they mention a referral. This practice will help give credit to their referrer. The easiest way to implement a reward and referral program is to set it up in your auto repair shop software. Simply feed customer data into the system and initiate the program. Just make sure you provide easy payment solutions for your customers. This is easier than ever before, as e-payment gateways have become sophisticated. Torque payment portals offer a plethora of benefits that you should not skip.

Additionally, teach your sales team when and how to integrate referral conversations into the sales process to avoid sounding too pushy. 

Implement a Loyalty Program with Services Subscription Plan

Loyalty should be rewarded. This is an ethical approach that can do wonders for your sales strategy. Giving out loyalty points or discounts with quality repair services is a great way to thank your customers. 

Keep it simple: it can be a free oil change after five regular oil change visits by a customer. Or, they can earn loyalty points on every maintenance session, which they can collect and use later. Such programs provide an incentive for customers to keep visiting your auto shop and follow through on repairs that they may have been putting off.

Loyal customers mean more sales. And along with sales, it maintains your reputation.

Additionally, some repair shops work on subscription plans. These are a great deal to offer. For example, you can combine different regular services that every vehicle needs, and make a bundle. Or, you can create a subscription service plan for customers using auto repair management software to split their payments out over time in return for discounted scheduled services and feed into your repair shop management system for accurate records.

Send Personalized Reminders and Deals 

Providing personalized shopping experiences is the new trend. Yet, many automotive shops have not adopted it till now. So, there’s a unique opportunity for you to stand out.

Every time a customer comes to you with a damaged car, record their details in the auto motive management software, and save them for later. After some time, send targeted, personalized reminders and promotions to customers through emails or SMS.

Remember: Don’t be too pushy in your pitch, and don’t send such emails too often.

You can use this tactic for offering:

  • Free service with the purchase of another service
  • Discounted service on getting another service
  • Total overall discounts
  • Free car accessories (keychains with your shop’s name, etc.)
  • Seasonal specials or holiday season sales

Share Before & After Photos

Showing what you do builds credibility for your brand. When you are transparent in your work, and people can see a clear difference in the quality you offer compared to low-standard workshops, they’ll choose you. That’s how you can attract new leads.

Moreover, while creating estimates for customers use auto repair management software, and take digital signatures of customers. Once they approve their estimates. You are also able to share before and after pictures of their vehicles to gain their trust.

Sharing content that proves the value of your work is a proven way to gain trust. Use social media platforms efficiently and win new customers. Plus, your vehicle management system can support this strategy. Get digital signatures via your system and show that you care for your customers’ consent. Displaying the work your technicians and body shop team have completed will speak for your excellent services.

share before and after picture with your customers using auto repair management software

Encourage Customers to Write Reviews

In this digital era, businesses that have an online customer base win. It is pretty similar to getting recommendations but from people around the globe. Positive reviews can grow your business exponentially.

All you have to do is set up an easy way for your customers to write reviews. It can be Google Reviews, your business’s Facebook page or the comments section on your website. Ask some of your loyal and old clients to send video testimonials. Use social media to post these where new customers can see how much others love your business.

encourage customers to give you reviews in your auto repair management software

Bonus tip: There are repair shops at every other block. Car owners can go to anyone. With the quality service, providing excellent customer service will bring your prospects back to you.


Due to high competition, moving up the sales graph is no longer as simple as it was in the heyday of direct mail and advertisements. Consumers are now better informed than ever before. In addition, they have multiple options to choose from. So you need to be proactive. First, explore all the opportunities, and see what works best in your favor. Then, implement the strategies mentioned above to get more sales and engage returning customers with little to no cost.