‘Tis the season to be jolly! And what’s a better way to add some cheer than with freebies and discounts. This holiday season, auto repair shops need to get their consumers in the mood of giving. So, strap your seatbelt and use auto repair invoice software to prepare for an influx of customers!

With new ideas and approaches coming into play each year, there is no doubt that you’ll find something that works for your shop this Christmas. 

The holiday season is just around the corner, and we know that it brings many opportunities to your business. If you’re looking forward to increasing your sales in December, let’s go over a list of various ways of doing so.

Take advantage of the various marketing opportunities available and give yourself a competitive edge over others during this busy period of the year. Here are some tips you can use:

1) Holiday Packages

Shops can create special packages by offering oil changes, maintenance services or other repairs on specific days such as weekends or before/after office hours. They can reap instant one-time profits and boost their sales figures by doing so.

A little preparation goes a long way towards attracting people into your store at this time of year. For example, put together a holiday package deal that includes an oil change, tire rotation, and a car wash. This will give the customer everything they need to keep their car running smoothly for the rest of the winter and save them money as well.

2) Free Gift Wrapping and Card Messages

Nothing says you care about your customers like a gift card or a beautifully wrapped present. Your customers will definitely appreciate it when you go the extra mile. Try to make their gifts look even better with special messages written on cards, free of charge!

3) Free Car Wash 

This is a great way to get customers in the door and show them that you’re taking care of their car. Offering a free car wash (or even a discounted one) is a great way to make them feel appreciated and keep them coming back for more.

4) Free Inspection Before Purchase/Lease

Take out some time to inspect and test drive cars before purchase or lease during the Christmas season. This will help increase your shop’s sales as many people like to have a clear understanding of what they’re buying or leasing.

If they came in for an oil change or other routine service, it is perfectly reasonable for them to receive a free inspection if their car fails or when it is nearing its expiration date. This will attract new business while giving them peace of mind knowing that they won’t be stranded on the road with anyone there to help them out.

5) 10-30% Discount on All Repairs

This is a very popular offer during the Christmas season and for a good reason! Who wouldn’t want to save some money on repairs? Be sure to clearly advertise your discounts and make it easy for customers to take advantage of them.

Offering discounts is a great way to get people in the door. Especially when it’s something as big as Christmas. Whether you’re offering a percentage off or dollar amount off, be sure to market it prominently so that everyone knows about it.

6) Seasonal Promotional Gifts

Who doesn’t love freebies? Learn why your auto repair business should offer more freebies. Give out promotional gifts such as hats, T-shirts, coffee mugs, or other small items with your shop’s logo and contact information. It’s a great way to market your business and show your customers that you appreciate their business.

If you want to really reel in customers, offer promotional gifts with certain services or products. This can be anything from a free T-shirt or key chain to a $50 gift card. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, but it will show the customer that you appreciate their business.

You may also offer free winter accessories to customers who take advantage of your package deals, such as windshield wipers, ice scrapers and more.

7) Increase Advertising Efforts

With more people spending their time indoors, instead of shopping outdoors, it’s important to get your name out. Increase your social media presence and place advertisements in newspapers and journals. This will ensure that you stay on top of your customer’s minds, even when they’re doing other things!

8) Free Roadside Assistance for New Vehicle Purchases

Offering free roadside assistance for a limited period after purchase ensures that customers return to you for future services and repairs. Even better, remind them of this offer at the point of sale so they can add it to their final invoice. This increases sales figures significantly. Furthermore, it also brings back past customers who may have forgotten about your services! 

Business Hours

Make sure that your business hours reflect the holiday season. This means that you may want to open and close your shop in accordance with Christmas and New Year’s Day. 

Be careful not to inconvenience your customers by opening when there is no one waiting for your services, or closing when they need you most. Try checking online to see if any other local shops follow similar business hours to avoid losing out on potential sales. 

Let your customers book appointments online on your website. An easy way of doing this is by using auto repair invoice software.

and make sure once the customer is at your shop, provide the best services using auto repair invoice software. Create quick professional invoices that make your customer

Have Santa Claus Visit Your Shop on Christmas Eve (Optional, dare we say)

Having Santa Claus visit your shop on Christmas Eve is a great idea to get people to come into your business if you are in the auto repair industry. You can have him greet everyone who comes into your shop that morning with hugs and good cheer! If Santa doesn’t fit into your services that well, then maybe another jolly character will work better for you. But hey, Santa works every time!

The Post-Holiday Sales Spike

When the holiday season is over, people start planning their next trips to town, including car servicing. Make sure that you use this period wisely and offer even better deals than before to keep your customers returning for more!

The Christmas holiday season is perfect for getting your car serviced. Attract more customers with special offers and packages that are hard to resist. You should gear up for the post-holiday increase in customers using auto repair invoicing software!

Wrapping It Up

All of these offers are sure to help increase your sales this Christmas holiday season. Be sure to take advantage of them and watch your business grow! Try these tips out and see how they work for your shop. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!