Are you ready to hit the holiday season? Excited about executing your top goals? If you ask me, I’m so thrilled about this year. I have many plans too! Let me help you here a little. Use car repair software and make your tasks easy.

What are your significant plans like traveling, starting a new business, getting a new car, or just sitting on your comfortable couch with pajamas on and watching all your pending movies in your Netflix list …📺

If you are an auto repair shop owner, your plans might differ.

For shop owners, that’s the most awaited month for you, and you can make it a productive one using car repair software.

Many people like to get their vehicle repairs done during the holiday season because, on other days, they are running here and there in town to run their errands.

You can grab your happy meal and enjoy this blog because you’ll love it.

Prepare for the Holiday Rush

The craziest time of this year is waiting for you! Ready to earn big bucks? Tuck in your shirt and get ready because you’re about to hit a lot of customers.

In this situation, I would like your interaction with every customer to be memorable and effective.

Be a proactive business owner, but what makes you the one? Don’t know? Hold on, let me tell you. Become one step ahead of what is expected of you; that’s how you become a proactive business owner. 

As you know you will have a lot of customers this holiday season, so plan one step ahead of how you intend to manage your workflow in one fell swoop when your shop is thronged with people. 

But how? You are saved with Torque Car Detailing Software that helps you toss multiple balls at once.

Offer Easy Checkouts

While customers may expect longer lines and wait times, you will surprise them and let them enjoy their holiday time instead of making them frustrated and spoiling their mood. Auto repair software helps you create easy checkouts, allowing customers to pay you from any location.

Any locations? Isn’t it cool that your customers can pay you from anywhere? In fact, within seconds, the payment will be in your account. Make fast torque payments.

Moreover, you can cheer them up by telling them they will have their vehicle back at a particular time. In the meantime, they track the progress of their car.

For example, your customer can be sitting on the beach, enjoying his sunbath, and track his vehicle easily by signing in to his customer account using car repair software.

Once they sign in, they can track from the technician job board that their car status is still in progress or ready to deliver. Woah, simple! 🙈

Most importantly, ensure you are transparent about all your procedures, especially inspections and estimates.

If you ask me, I always like to stick with those shops that don’t try to upsell for a long time, especially when I see they have transparent pricing. I get more comfortable because knowing what you’re being charged for makes the customers happier, and they pay you quickly.

Pay Attention: Your Social Media is Important

Social media is more than a trend. It’s an essential part of your business, and you will be wrong to think it’s overrated…

No social media means no digital presence because many young consumers who need repair services will first look for you on their social media. If your business has no social media profile, they won’t find you!

Which means they are going to find another repair shop in your area. It might be the one next to your shop, and you will lose a potential customer.

Therefore, it is a loss of business, and why would you risk such a thing? In fact, you should be on the top of search results and let more customers come into your garage.

Many people like to message and ask about your services using social media because you know online surfing is popular especially when the holiday season is around.

According to research (held in 2020), 18% of customers tend to message you more on holidays and ask you about your services, which means they are more likely to become customers and are interested in your services.

Earn more dollars than usual days with social media, so learn to market your business well on social media. And use car repair software to attract more customers to your shop.

If you are interested in knowing the ways of effective marketing, this blog is going to help you.

Provide Enticing Discounts

By saying provide enticing discounts, I don’t mean you tell your customer, “15% discount off your next service”. I call this a lazy marketing strategy; many business owners are hooked on this approach.

Source: Pexels

Remember this wherever you are located or how much famous shop you have become in your town still there is someone who is looking to take your customers and give them better!

So whatever you offer your customers, OFFER WISELY.

I will suggest you create enticing packages like get the oil changed with another or two of your choice from bundles.

Patience is key here! Research well; before this, check your previous customer’s history to better understand what services your customers like to have more.

Avoid copycat specials that shoppers can compare directly because your competitors will sell their services for less. The no-win game will leave you at the bottom.

And this is what I DON’T want for you. So carefully take your time while creating discounts.

Another important thing you should know in this auto repair business is that every customer won’t be your loyal customer; you will meet many disloyal ones.

Your “package” promotion may not grab as much attention, but trust me, the response you receive will be from those customers who will be the long-term customers who will stay with you for a longer time.

Say Thank You To Customers For This Year

Remember when we sent thank you cards to our friends and family for making them feel they were important? They are still special to me.

Always plan something that makes you stand out from the crowd. 

Fixing broken cars is your job, but it’s not enough to retain your customers. In fact, establishing a good, healthy relationship with them is very important.

I’m sure you are already aware of the fact that it’s always a grand and sweet gesture to thank your customers once they are about to exit from your shop.

These small gestures will significantly impact your customers, yet many business owners don’t think to do this.

I know many people who notice this many little details when they are at some shop to take their services. You might be one of them as well.

Want to know a secret?

Let me tell you one secret: your customer care brings back customers to your shop repeatedly. Even your services are average, but if your customer services are excellent, customers will stay.

Send all your customers from this year a thank you card or gift voucher so that they connect with you for 2022.

As a result, they will think you care for them. Customers always come back to businesses that provide a good service.

People often don’t trust every technician with their expensive vehicles, so your loyal customers need to feel that they are like a family to you, and you appreciate them for being with you this whole year.

Thank your customers during the holiday season

Source: Pexels


Good car repair software can help you manage your shop better, especially when there are many customers. It will allow you to save your time and your customers’ time.

You can be a shop where customers feel it is easy to get their services because auto repair shops are big messes, especially with checkout.

Connect with your customers better this holiday season. Send them gift vouchers or thank you cards so that they feel more like a family to you.