Many drivers are conscious of vehicle maintenance and do not want to leave anything to chance when it comes to repair work. As automotive repair technologies advance, the ability to predict a fault before it occurs is getting accurate. The ability to predict and resolve a fault before it happens can save drivers from heavy repair costs and trouble during commutes.

Auto repair shops interested in increasing operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and growth can leverage predictive maintenance tools. Customers can easily spend $5 today rather than $100 tomorrow. Let’s dive deeper and understand predictive maintenance and its utilization.

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What is Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive maintenance is a technique for predicting when a car or automobile is likely to fail. Modern techniques use data from sensors and logs and machine learning algorithms to predict the health of parts. Another technique is to use historical data and the life span of a part and change the part before a failure occurs.

Selling Predictive Maintenance with the Help of Auto Repair Estimation Software

Many drivers and fleet managers look for ways to reduce automotive repair expenses. The constant struggle to keep the vehicle in top shape can be challenging, especially for fleet managers. Sudden breakdowns can be expensive to fix and downtime can impact the overall fleet profitability. 

Customers maintaining personal vehicles also dread a sudden mechanical failure, as it can disrupt their routines and significantly drain their pockets.

Auto repair shops can offer predictive maintenance to avoid these. However, drivers are usually skeptical when offered a repair solution without immediate need. 

To effectively address the skepticism that drivers and fleet managers might have towards predictive maintenance, auto repair shops can adopt several strategies to communicate its value and build trust. 

Here are ways to enhance the acceptance and implementation of predictive maintenance:

Educate Your Customers

Transparency and education play pivotal roles in convincing a customer to take advantage of predictive maintenance. The following techniques can help you educate your customers.

  • Explain the principle and benefits of predictive maintenance.
  • Share real-life scenarios about how customers reduced cumulative maintenance costs.
  • Explain how predictive maintenance can save you from hefty repair costs and inconvenient breakdowns.
  • Explain the tech used to predict failures and be open to sharing the data for transparency.

Show the Cost Benefits of Predictive Repairs

This is where estimation software helps convince the consumer. The sales rep will not only be helping customers get a job done but also enabling repair shops to build a credible reputation.

Train sales rep to create a cost comparison or cost-benefit analysis using auto repair estimation software.

You can demonstrate to the driver that getting the repair done now can save X% of future repair costs and will save you from unexpected breakdowns.

Here’s a case study.

Imagine a customer drives into your shop for regular servicing. Technicians do the complimentary checkup with modern tools available at the shop and find that the brake discs might fail after 100 kilometers. The customer goes to the supervisor, shows the data, and asks for instructions. He is also concerned that a sudden breakdown might cause an accident or damage to the brake housing.

The supervisor understands and informs the customer about recent discovery. The customer is skeptical at first. The supervisor then shows him the cost of replacing the brake discs now vs. the future expenses he might incur if the whole housing is damaged. This helps customers make informed decisions and might consider getting the part replaced now rather than risk an accident or failure in the future.

Live Technology Demonstration

Another method of improving customer satisfaction is to demonstrate how predictive maintenance tools work. Seeing the process will help customers understand the technology better and authenticate verbal communication.

Offer Customized Report

Show your customers personalized reports. Digital Vehicle Inspection Software can help you create reports that outline the health of the vehicle, inform you about potential issues, and recommend maintenance schedules. These reports make the maintenance needs more tangible and relevant to the vehicle owner.

Limited Time Offer
Get 90 Days Free On Annual Subscription
Cut costs by 50%
Increase revenue by 33%
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Auto repair software can help auto repair shops sell maintenance work effectively. With predictive maintenance on the rise, convincing customers with personalized and transparent estimates is easier than ever.