Does your shop maintain a high level of transparency? You need to evaluate your methods of running your auto repair shop. If you don’t do this, you will be in muddled-up situations. Even if you are a small garage owner at this point, you would have known that a successful sale with a customer in the auto repair business highly depends on “how much they trust your words.” The right auto repair service software will help your customers trust you more. 

Auto repair software lets you track your inventory parts, repair orders, repair costs, metrics, and finances. And it gives you a chance to build a trustful bond with customers. After leaving it at your shop, they want to see what’s going on with their vehicle. Moreover, it helps you to give reliable services. Check what’s happening inside your repair shop without even leaving your seat.

Don’t be a lazy lad; leave your seat and go for a walk. 😛

How about learning some tactics that will help you provide visibility to your customers and employees using auto repair service software? Let’s Begin…

Why Should Transparency Be Your Top Priority?

To implement something, we need to know its importance and how it will help us grow your business. Agreed?

To run any business, you need to understand your customers’ minds. And let me tell you one thing: this is not a thing to ignore because I have seen many auto repair businesses going down the road. Not because the business wasn’t profitable. Upon talking with such business owners, I discovered the failure stemmed from not huddling with their customers and employees.

However, don’t be scared if you feel a weak connection between you and your customers.

And we all know,

 “it’s never too late to learn.”

Relationships are stronger when they are transparent, whether with friends or customers. Don’t give customers a feeling that you intend to empty their pockets. If you do so, the next moment you will find them outside of your shop.

All efforts are in vain…

What’s the outcome?

All of us have experienced a “fear” of the unknown. It could be waiting for the results of the exams you have just given or hearing from a job where you recently gave your interview. Your eyes stick to your phone to ping a new message or call, and you imagine all possible worst scenarios. 

It is human nature that our imaginations can run wild when we wait for results or are distracted by thoughts of “what-ifs.”

When customers get their auto repair work done, they expect you to tell them everything happening with their vehicles. Whether it’s about any additional issues discovered while inspecting or knowing where the repair process is.

As a good shop, you understand their concerns and keep them in the loop through 2 Way SMS integrated with auto repair software.  

Visibility and transparency are not just for shop-to-customer. They also help bridge the imagination and productivity gap within your shop.

Moreover, with this software, you can avoid facing “chargebacks” on the declined services, which are unsuitable for your shop. To avoid any inconvenience, send customers estimates in their email. No more chaotic situations between customers, technicians, and your service advisors.

Let’s roll down and learn ways to become a successful shop that delivers transparency for everyone.

customers satisfaction

Win Customers’ Hearts: Give them Transparent Inspections

Failing to make your customers happy? Are customers angry about not receiving their vehicle back timely? Read more about how to deal with irate customers.

Your customers expect fast services. Auto repair service software can be your best friend in this. As we know, manual inspections take time and consume your technicians 5x times more energy.

When a vehicle comes to your shop, first, tech spends their energy diagnosing and repairing it. But if you go for digital solutions, they can work more devotedly in delivering your customer quality work. Above all, they will be able to work on more cars.

Introduce DVI (digital vehicle inspections) to your shop. It won’t only help technicians; your customers will be easily convinced that what you do to their vehicle is suitable.

How? Digital vehicle inspection software lets you attach pictures and videos while inspecting customers’ vehicles and sending estimates. When they see images, they will automatically trust your words. 

Trustable Estimates

Once the inspection game ends, the next step is getting those estimates approved. That’s the make-or-break situation.

At times, customers will throw questions about what and why at you. And that’s okay if we put ourselves in their situation. To make them understand better, add pictures so you don’t have to explain them in technical jargon. 

Moreover, while you create estimates for their vehicles, transparently tell them about what parts you will use on their car. 

For instance, tell them you will use OEM, After-Market, or Used Parts. This will help them understand the costs of repairs. 

You are also providing customers convenience because you can send them their estimates through email using auto repair estimating software. They can approve and decline those services. 

So when they arrive at your shop next time, you can see from their previous repair order which services they took and declined. This will help you to check their previous service history.

Bird’s Eye View Of Your Shop

Sounds interesting? I’m sure it is because we all want to stay up-to-date about what’s happening around us. So, if a customer is standing next to you confronting the progress of their vehicles. If you are a service advisor reading this– I have good news: you won’t have to run to the bay to check vehicle updates each time.

Instead, you will simply check through auto repair software and instantly tell a customer through job board navigation. It means you have the status of all jobs at your bay on one platform.

If you are a shop owner reading this– you can keep an eye on everything: what time your techs come and leave, the workload for the day, your shop finances, and where the customer’s car is in the repair process.

If you are a technician reading this, If you encounter any issue while working on an RO, the last thing you want is to chase down a service advisor. Right?

You may track the issue in your RO while you work on vehicles. You can add a comment without switching tabs. Easily select who you want to notify if additional problems occur.

In a nutshell, torque software benefits each and everyone at your shop. It maintains the workflow of your shop.  

Keep Your Social Media Up-To-Date

In this modern world, keeping your social media profiles up to the minute is very necessary. There is a high chance of generating business from your social media.

Young customers are more likely to connect with you through their social media. So when they “search for the best shop near them.” Your shop must be on top of the search.

And this won’t happen overnight; it will require your 100% attention. So, never neglect your social media. In fact, to make your presence more authentic, ask your existing customers for reviews.

Moreover, you can add images of your shop technicians while they are working and discuss the values you offer in your auto repair garage. 

Final Words

The auto repair business is profitable if you learn a few tactics that will help you gain your customers’ and employees’ trust.

Your shop customers and employees are equally crucial to you, so try to give them ease at your doorstep. For instance, auto repair service software will help everyone at your shop. 

As I explained in this blog post, you can quickly have a bird’s eye view at your auto repair shop. So there is no more uncertainty coming towards you.