There are two types of auto repair shop owners, to understand both of them better let’s name them A and B. Both of them have different focal points. A: Shop owners who only focus on minting money, B: who value customer services. But shop owners who only focus on car counts won’t make valuable customers who keep coming back to their shops FOREVER. Why focus on short terms goals? Use auto repair management software and value your customers’ concerns.

It’s important to focus on customer concerns and address them as if they are your own problems. Because your customers are like a family. However, if you won’t pay attention to satisfying them. 

They will tarnish your business reputation and you will be listening to such comments as “this shop is just a hole in customer’s pocket”, “ financial leaches”.

Ah, such lines are hurtful and they will only put you BACK TO SQUARE ONE.

However, you can’t make customers happy every time so even if you didn’t address their concerns properly use smart tactics to handle angry customers.

Keep reading and learn little secrets. To make your customers feel special, valued. Let’s talk about this in detail.

Try To Explain Customers Politely 

Despite what business you run, we all experience TOUGH CUSTOMERS and that is the most intimidating moment where your heart is pounding fast.  No matter whatever you say you will have their curt replies.

They feel betrayed by your shop, and you try to convince them that you haven’t tried to upsell them. Their concerns have been your top priority all time.  What you see in return are their cross arms, heavy sighs.

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If you will also lose your temper while they are screaming at you the confrontation will get ugly. Sometimes, they blame your technicians’ work that they have damaged their vehicle the problem he fixed never existed before.

Sometimes customers put you in a situation where they blame and question your technicians’ competence. If you blame your technicians as well without a proper verification this might frustrate them as well, they won’t take a second leaving your shop (throwing their wrenching on the floor).

To handle such situations, you must tell your technicians and salespeople how to communicate in such matters with your customers. Rather than paying attention to customers’ hurtful words, focus on what are they trying to say to you.

There is the perfect saying by Steve Covey:

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”

Apologize With Grace

It’s important to talk about such things, you should know how to apologize in a grateful manner. It’s one of the business tactics and skills that all business owners should learn, and make their staff learn as well. OBVIOUSLY!

So next time when they are shouting at you, even if you are not a mistake, let them vent on you without interrupting. Once they are done with that, don’t try to prove your point instead, simply acknowledge their concerns read more to find out how auto repair software helps to prioritize your customer concerns.

Because if you will be disagreeing in this situation that will again bring the negative impact of your shop. In other words, try to take the bull by the horns and tell them what can you do to resolve this matter. 

angry customer

Show Empathy 

Present them a solution with a problem-solving attitude. Show your customers empathy, when you are apologizing or showing empathy towards your customers that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are at mistake.

Showing empathy means that you understand their situation and you care about them. As we know vehicle repairs are expensive and if customers aren’t satisfied they won’t pay you happily. In fact, they will find possible ways not to pay you or get a refund.

You’re standing on a tight rope, and showing empathy will help you de-escalate the problem and show the customer you value them and are listening to them.

However, if you use digital vehicle inspection software, you can show customers images attach while you were inspecting their vehicle. To make them listen to you, you must have evidence. So keep yourself safe beforehand.

Proactively Respond to Their Concerns

Someone once said best business owners are those who are able to resolve issues quickly. Rather than dragging and bragging about the matter, come towards executing the problem.

Taking every unhappy customer is your greatest source of learning, your technicians can fix their vehicle problem again ( if they agree to leave their vehicle). Or you can give them adjustments for the next repairs. You can give them additional discounts.

However, if customers want their money back. As per your refund policy, you can refund them their money. Depending on the situation, you can fully refund or do it in a part. However, if you refund a customer, be clear about when he or she will receive the refund, so the customer does not get upset.

Don’t make them chase you again and again. This will badly tarnish your name in the market and new customers will be skeptical of you. 

This is not the kind of mess you should get yourself into. That’s why I said earlier, don’t drag on this matter. Because it takes time and effort to make a good name in the market. Especially in a highly competitive market. 

Don’t let competitors take an edge over you. They will certainly not miss an opportunity to further damage your reputation. They will fake more scenarios to make people believe you’re a shop of no trust.

Save Yourself Using Auto Repair Management Software

To save yourself from happening the worst, use auto repair management software to come clean. All information is saved while you create repair orders for customers. Most of the time, customers make problems with estimates. They come and say later when the technician is done with repairs that they never wanted such fixes.

You can easily show by auto repair estimating software which estimates were approved and declined. So that there is space for misunderstandings and you come out of this mess CLEAN.  

Moreover, you can create professional and trustworthy invoices using auto repair invoicing software and mention each part its amount and price. This would not make customers feel skeptical while paying you.

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