Spending too much time crunching numbers for auto repair estimates? 

We get it, doing it by hand is a hassle. That’s why you need a handy tool or auto repair estimates software to do the heavy lifting for you. Save time and energy for more important things.

Plus, there are easier ways to get quick and accurate estimates. 

Check out our blog for 10 simple tips to get the job done faster and more accurately.

1. Create Proper SOPs For the Estimating Process: 

An SOP checklist is like a to-do list for standard procedures, breaking down job tasks or processes in a simple checklist format. It can be part of larger SOP documents or used on its own.

You need to create a more systematic way to find accurate estimates. It helps to make sure that it is more reliable. It can act as a vehicle blueprint for each estimate. 

For instance, you can have a proper estimation process overview. Such as: 

  1. Establish estimate scope and purpose.
  2. Establish a technical baseline and ground rules. 
  3. Collect data. 
  4. Determine size and scope. 
  5.  Prepare baseline estimate. 
  6. Validate and review

2. Train Your Estimators: 

In order to create proper estimates, you need to give proper training to your workers. 

It would be best that you take some time to properly educate them on technology and trends related to the automotive industry. 

Anyone who is repairing a car in your shop should know how the system works. This can help in creating accurate estimations. 

It would be best if you have a special person only for estimate creations who are trained in estimate creation properly. Estimators should know about UHSS or HSS. They should also know about the in-depth of the repair nature. Otherwise, they will not be able to write a complete estimate. 

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3. Get a Good Auto Repair Estimates Software: 

In today’s car fix world, things are changing fast. 

If you want your auto repair shop to do well, you’ve got to keep up. 

One big help is using fancy estimating software.

Why Should You Use Auto Repair Estimates Software: 

  • It saves a lot of time 
  • There is zero chance of mistakes in your estimate 
  • It can also have integration of other systems            
  • You can manage your money better 
  • You can make your customers happy

Following are some things you need to look for to buy a good auto repair estimating software:

  1. Easy to Use
  2. Friends with Parts People
  3. Anywhere Access
  4. Smart Reports

4. Conduct Thorough Vehicle Inspections

The next thing you need for accurate estimates is proper vehicle inspections. It is important that you consider digital vehicle inspections for more effective results. 

Digital vehicle inspections (DVI) are when car fix experts use a tablet to check a car and note down what they find. Sometimes, the results are printed and put into a computer system by hand. This digital inspection is a cool way for car experts and owners to talk about fixing a car. In simple words, it’s like using a tablet to show and tell the customer what’s wrong with their car, using a device like a smartphone.

But why do you need this for accurate estimates? It is because: 

  1. You will get your estimates right from the start 
  2. You can avoid surprising your client 
  3. You can have accurate estimates 

Here is the checklist for digital vehicle inspection: 

  • Start with the basics by doing 
  • Check the engine, belts, hoses, and fluids. Anything leaking, worn out, or looking off? 
  • Check the seats, dashboard, and electronics. 
  • Get down low and look under the car. Check for leaks, rust, or any damaged parts.
  • A test drive can reveal issues that don’t show up when it’s parked.
  • Use diagnostic tools to check what the car’s computer is saying. 

5. Provide Detailed Written Estimates

When it comes to telling your customers how much fixing their car will cost, you need to be crystal clear. 

Following are some key elements of a good estimate: 

  • Make a list of everything that needs fixing
  • Give all the details 
  • Tell your customers how long you think it’ll take
  • break down the costs
  • Add all the labor details as well 
  • Hidden fees are a no-go
  • Use Clear communication with your clients 
  • Set straightforward prices for your repair services 

6. Communication with Customers

When it comes to fixing cars, talking with our customers is just as important as turning a wrench. 

Give them a friendly welcome right from the start. You should give all your customers easy ways to reach out to you whenever they want. Plus, you need to communicate with them properly. Their concerns, questions, and even stories about their cars – it all matters.

You should explain the Estimation Process to Customers. You don’t want your customers feeling lost in the sea. That’s why, you should encourage questions from them. You can also present the customers with options, explaining the pros and cons. It’s their car, and you should want them to make informed choices.

In a nutshell, nailing down accurate auto repair estimates doesn’t have to be rocket science. 

With these 10 savvy tips, you can turn the guessing game into a precision art. 

It’s not just about saving time.

It’s about making your auto repair game top-notch. 

So, rev up your estimating skills, explore these tips, and let the precision party begin in your garage!

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