Are you still relying on handwritten vehicle check-ins and inspections when your customers come for repairs? 

You’re not alone—approximately 25% or more of shops still follow this practice. However, the landscape is shifting!

With the continuous advancements in vehicle inspection software, a simpler, more efficient solution exists to accurately capture the real-time condition of vehicles arriving at your shop.

Using Digital Vehicle Inspection is a must for any car repair shop now. 

This article delves into the compelling reasons why DVI has become an indispensable tool in the era of modern auto repair businesses.

What exactly do digital vehicle inspections entail?

When checking, techs take pics and videos to show what they fixed to customers.”

Shops show what’s wrong with cars visually, so customers understand at home while watching TV.

In the past, vehicle inspections were done using pen and paper. A technician would go through each part, marking it ‘good’ or ‘bad’ on a paper attached to a clipboard. This paper was used for billing customers.

But there was a problem – customers couldn’t see the worn-out parts, so they often felt unsure if they were being charged fairly. 

They had to trust the technician entirely without knowing the actual condition of their vehicle. This lack of transparency made it hard for repair shops to gain customer trust.

Working on Digital Vehicle Inspection Software

A checklist for inspection is created:

The technician prepares a checklist that includes all the inspection points. This list can include simple stuff like checking oil or brakes and more complex things like fixing engines or aligning wheels.

A Repair Order is Generated:

Generate a detailed repair order specifically for the vehicle to start the process. This paper has customers’ names, car types, and phone numbers.

This paper collects important info, helps talk better, and starts future repairs. 

It makes things smoother and more organized for the upcoming work.

Media is used to capture records of the inspection:

Through the app, technicians record inspection findings using photos or videos, such as making a video of a broken tail light or taking a picture of a dirty air filter.

They use green for good, yellow for minor problems, and red for urgent fixes to indicate the vehicle’s condition.

Generate and send the customer a detailed inspection report:

The technician quickly makes a detailed report and sends it to the customer with just a few clicks. 

This menu lets you see the car’s inspection past, showing what repairs were done. 

You can find hidden parts of a car’s repair history with the right tools.

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What advantages does DVI offer?

Digital vehicle inspections with the help of digital vehicle inspection software provide numerous benefits, including:

Speedier procedure:

Advanced digital tools empower technicians to drastically expedite the inspection process. Auto shop owners use innovative auto management software to keep a detailed history of past problems. It also offers valuable assistance for present and upcoming inspections.

Use of Media:

Phones help mechanics save voice notes, pics, and videos of cars for later fixes.

Since cars have fancy tech now, people trust shops that use modern tools.

Without the paperwork, service advisors save the time they used to spend sorting papers.

This shift also reduces paper expenses for shops and contributes to the environment by minimizing waste.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

By embracing DVI, you can tailor services to individual customer preferences. Busy people like knowing all the car work they need beforehand, trying to finish it in one visit. But it’s suitable for those dealing with money to know the prices first, do important things now and delay less important ones.

When an auto shop enables budgeting and future planning, it improve customer service through fostering customer trust, loyalty and encouraging return visits. 

Seeing inspection records on their devices helps them know about car care and build trust.

A Significant average repair order (ARO) size

Customers who visually witness damaged components through DVI are more inclined to approve all recommended jobs in the estimate. 

This often results in a larger average repair order. 

Imagine this: a customer comes in for tire alignment due to a vehicle sway. Typically, the technician might only address the alignment issue.

With DVI, techs can prove what needs fixing, like a bad axle causing a sway.

When is it necessary to run a DVI?

Digital vehicle inspections allow shop owners to conduct them strategically, aligning with their business needs. Certain inspections, doing big check-ups every year to tell customers about their car’s condition. Others are tailored to specific services rendered or individual customer requirements.

Like when they quickly check your car while changing the oil and look at fluids, brakes, lights, and tires. It helps make more money and makes customers happier about these essential things.

Wrapping Up!

Digital vehicle inspection has been instrumental in streamlining processes and saving significant time for numerous shops. If your shop hasn’t adopted this technology, don’t worry—it’s never too late to begin. Start using it now to see how it helps your work get better. Using digital inspections can improve your shop and serve customers better.


Why is it essential to inspect the vehicle?

Inspecting a car is essential to ensure it is secure and functional. It ensures dependability and reduces the risk of traffic accidents by assisting in the early detection of any issues. Additionally, routine checkups increase the vehicle’s lifespan and reduce the need for expensive significant repairs down the road.

What is the concept of quality inspection?

Quality digital inspection means checking products or services to ensure they meet specific rules. It helps improve things by setting standards, saving paper, and completing work more smoothly. Ensuring things are correctly checked is really important for improving things all the time. By keeping an eye on parts and materials as they come in, we can fix any problems right away.

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