Hey garage owners, welcome to this blog post. 👋 While running your auto repair shop, have you ever observed how simple tasks such as creating estimates and invoices turn into pesky ones on high-sale days? On top of that, what feels more daunting is when you have to keep track of your paid or unpaid invoices. Find a solution that two-folds your energy, like free auto repair invoicing software. Yeah, that’s true it’s free and fast. Woohoo!

With our super-slick invoice software, you can create and send invoices to your multiple customers at once. Also, you can collect your payments faster and keep track of your payments sitting anywhere, anytime, without any hassle.

I must tell you a harsh truth here. If you are an old shop that resists while updating its shop methods, you will eventually lose new modern customers. So the crux here is that new technology won’t cost you that much but your old and clunky methods certainly will.

After revamping your old methods and starting using an auto repair invoicing software, you will be able to:

  • Schedule more appointments
  • Deliver back your customers timely
  • Makes your estimates and invoices more transparent
  • Create and send multiple invoices to customers at once
  • Receive payments timely
  • Keep track of your old invoices
  • Easily reconcile your invoices
  • Send automatic reminders on delayed payments
  • Measure your shop productivity

And much more.

There is still much to come; actually, it is just the beginning. Read along and find out what more this amazing software offers to your auto repair business.

Become a Modern Shop: Steal The Show like PRO

Are you rigid with your old methods? Afraid to switch to new technology? Whatever the case is you need to upgrade, upgrade, and upgrade your auto repair shop.

That is essential because if you do not, soon modern customers will stop coming to your repair shop. They will look for a shop that gives them more convenience with reliable costs. And that shop might be next to you who knows. 

Is that what you want? 

I know this face, so take a deep breath there’s nothing to worry about. I have a solution to all your problems, so relax.

The best way you can steal the show is by using auto repair software that helps you manage your business efficiently and powerfully. 

Let’s not forget, that it will boost your sales and give your business growth in a short period of time. Moreover, you can keep cash flow positive and see the total revenue that your shop has generated till now. It is all in front of you on your screen.

total revenue

Goodbye to traditional bookkeeping because Torque360 will do this for you. So what are you waiting for do it for free today!

Look more Professional. Goodbye Desk Work. 

Auto repair invoicing software gives you the ability to provide your customers with trustable diagnostics, fast approval on estimates, and professional-looking invoices that are easy to understand. Moreover, it allows you to track your inventory, so you always know what parts you have on hand and make a successful sale right away.

Who likes to be chained around desk work every time? Spend less time behind the desk, and spend more time doing what you do best– repairing cars .

Too many administrative tasks kill your passion I must say. However, using auto repair invoicing software gives you the ability to manage your shop in a professional way and make your auto repair shop more organized. 

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Talking about professionalism, to give more spice to your invoices you can add your business name, logo, terms and conditions to make customers remember you. 

Furthermore, you can add customers’ digital signatures to your invoices, it will keep your invoices more authentic and help you to avoid any misunderstanding. 

digital signatures

This is how you can set your business apart from the competition and attract more customers. 

In nutshell, this software gives you a significant advantage over auto repair shops that are still using paper invoices that are not so trustable to customers. 

Have your ear to this👂, reliable ways will even bring your competitors’ customers to you. 

Easily Convert your Estimates Into Invoice

As we discussed, running an auto repair business in the 21st-century demands smart moves. 

When I say smart moves, it includes the ways by which you can save your time, while helping you generate more profit in your auto repair shop.

You know that giving accurate estimates are a necessary part of the auto repair process. But if you work manually each step takes its own time. So first you will spend time creating estimates, then creating invoices. How about a direct way through which you can convert your estimates directly into an invoice?

Interesting right? It’s not only time-saving, but it will also make error-free invoices for you. No more manual calculations. ➕➖➗

Mistakes are inevitable for us, but if you make the slightest mistake in creating customer invoices they will show no mercy to you. This gives them a golden chance to blame your methods, make you embarrassed and show their anger by not paying you. Clearly your loss!

Create Invoice With Blazing Fast Software

But if you create your invoices digitally, you will easily convert one step into the next. In other words, everything will be synced together.

1. Use auto repair estimating software to get an accurate estimate of the repairs needed. This will help you to get the best price for the repairs.

2. Once you have the estimate, convert it into an invoice using auto repair invoicing software. This will help you to keep track of the repairs and ensure that you are paid for the work.

3. Send the invoice to the customer by email or through SMS to make them pay online. Moreover, when you do digital inspections you can attach its report to your invoices to make sure that they understand the charges. This will help to avoid any misunderstanding about the cost of the repairs.

4. Send your invoices directly to customers by email or phone. Get paid instantly while allowing contactless/credit card payments to create ease for customers.

5. If customers can’t pay you all at once you can split invoices and allow them to pay you in two or more payments. 

TADA, you are all done.

sort your invoices

Now you might be wondering, can I check my paid/ unpaid invoices? Yes, you can! Without any hassle easily sort your unpaid invoices from latest to largest in software without digging into all invoices. Simply apply the filter and make it easy for yourself. 

Offer Transparency

Remember that last customer who gave you a hard time while paying his bill? I’m sure you don’t want to remember or go through that chaotic situation again. That’s why it’s important to make your bills crystal clear so that customers don’t find any chance to create last-minute scenes while paying.

We all know Invoicing is a critical part of the auto repair business. As we discussed above, the slightest mistake in the invoice can give you trouble.  

While your bills have to be accurate, they also need to be transparent. The purpose of being transparent is that your customers need to know exactly what they’re being charged for so that they can pay you without getting skeptical.

While you create your invoices you should give a clear cost breakdown of line items, total parts used, total supplies, labor cost, miscellaneous, discount etc.

This will help them feel like you aren’t trying to upsell or charge them unfairly. Moreover, you can show them their approved and declined services. So next time they have their maintenance appointment, you can easily go through their invoice and suggest to them their declined services again. 

That’s how you will make money and create easy for yourself and your customers as well.

Final Words

As a shop owner, you keep chasing your techs, service advisors, customers, and payments– all by yourself. If you keep spinning your wheel back and forth, you become less productive and won’t be able to strategize ways that will make you more successful.

If you want to outshine the competition then you have to step up your game, improve your methods, and give better customer service to every clientele. 

Auto repair invoicing software helps you create professional invoices for your customers and allow them to pay their bill from any place even before arriving physically at your shop. With digital invoicing, you can eliminate chaotic paperwork. 

Moreover, your invoices are trackable; you don’t have to sit down with your diaries/books or dig through slow sheets to check which invoices are still unpaid. With free auto repair invoicing software, you can easily see your paid and unpaid invoices at one glance.

And if you want to find one particular invoice of a customer you can still do that, just enter the customer invoice number, or repair order number and have it in front of your software.

So if you are planning to upgrade your shop methods, give the best customer service and boost your revenue, a simple investment in the auto repair software will be truly a game-changer for your auto repair shop.