As the automotive industry is growing, other industries such as car repair, auto repair shop software and auto parts industries are also experiencing steady growth. The auto parts industry, in particular, is expected to reach $810.5 billion by 2025. 

Sudden Growth in Number of Auto Parts Suppliers

Moreover, the pandemic and the global silicon shortage have caused prices of new cars to increase by a lot. Consequently, more and more people are keeping their existing cars instead of buying new ones. On average, Americans now keep their vehicles for almost 12 years. In 2017, that figure was just eight years! 

As a result, the auto repair industry is also growing because these older cars need frequent maintenance. However, the auto parts market is saturated by players who provide cheap products that have bad quality. 

Our Top Picks for Auto Parts Suppliers

To help you avoid interacting with these shady suppliers, let’s look at a few reputable auto parts manufacturers handpicked by us for you.

Dana Inc.

When it comes to drivetrains, electric and thermal components of a vehicle, Dana Inc. is one of the giants in the auto parts industry. The company was established in 1904 and is now operational in 25 countries. 

Dana Inc. products have powered many vehicles to date: from World War 2 jeeps to Tesla model T. Apart from consumer vehicles, the mega-corporation also provides products for commercial vehicles such as taxis and mammoth construction vehicles. Dana even provides components for every car that is used in NASCAR! 

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Visteon targets a specific area of the auto parts industry: cockpit electronics. The company prides itself on creating products that are slowly driving the auto industry towards autonomous driving. Infotainment systems, heads-up displays, domain clusters; you name it, and Visteon has probably created it.

Furthermore, Visteon creates products for many globally renowned brands such as BMW, Ford, Honda, Renault, VW, GM, and many more. The entire enterprise is dedicated to creating safe, comfortable and enjoyable driving experiences.  

BorgWarner Inc.

BorgWarner is one of the largest players in the car parts supplier market in the U.S. The company is geared towards creating sustainable mobility solutions for cars. BorgWarner primarily focuses on powertrains for light, medium and heavy vehicles. 

Globally, BorgWarner operates in 17 countries with 62 facilities. They offer a wide range of products for internal combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles. From transmission systems to ignition technologies, BorgWarner has you covered!


Tenneco is out to take great strides in clean and efficient performance in cars. The company focuses on multiple vehicle categories such as light vehicles, trucks, and even off-highway equipment. 

The new Tenneco is a combination of Tenneco Clean Air and Federal-Mogul Powertrain, and they aim to improve power output while reducing pollution and increasing efficiency. 

Tenneco has over 90 manufacturing facilities and has 30,000 employees worldwide. It has cultivated a reputation for being a credible auto parts company ever since its inception in 1940. In 2020, the ‘Supplier of the Year’ award by General Motors went to Tenneco.


Over 100 years, Lear Corporation has cultivated its reputation, and the products speak for themselves: Lear ranks #179 on the Fortune 500 for a good reason. They operate from Michigan and have over 250 facilities in 38 countries. 

Lear offers a wide array of interior parts for cars. They are the largest producer of car seat systems and the second-biggest supplier of acoustic and flooring systems. Lear creates everything from seat cushioning to every little electrical component that goes into the interior of a car.

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

Most of us are familiar with Goodyear. In fact, for a lot of people, Goodyear is a go-to brand for tires. On average, Goodyear tires are on the pricey side, but the quality is reflected in the price tag. 

Goodyear has plenty of positive reviews, with many customers applauding treadwear performance. The brand also makes original and replacement tires for a few select brands such as Ferrari, BMW, Audi, Maserati, and Mercedes. Does your car have Goodyear tires? It probably does!


You can easily make your customers happy if you use the components of reliable auto part manufacturers. Genuine parts lead to fewer faults in your customers’ cars. However, ordering parts from a reliable vendor is only one part of the puzzle. 

You have a lot of happy customers and your auto repair business is thriving. But how will you manage the increased number of customers now? Pen and paper methods only take you so far. This is where auto repair shop software comes in handy.

Auto repair shop software offers a plethora of benefits. You can read more about them here. Recent statistics show that the auto repair industry will grow tremendously within the next decade. Therefore, now is the perfect time to jump in and grow your business! 

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