Are you planning to set up your own auto repair business? Or do you want to boost your existing auto repair business? In either case, setting up a viable business is hard. Every successful shop uses auto repair software to streamline its tasks.

From not having a structured business plan to not standardizing and streamlining procedures through efficient auto repair shop software, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 most common mistakes. Read on to discover all issues you should avoid so that you can grow your business.

Mistake #1: Not Having an Efficient Business Plan

One of the biggest differences between a top auto repair business and a struggling garage is having a strong game plan. A business plan gives you a direction to follow. You may have technical knowledge of vehicles and repairs, but growth can only result from setting and then achieving goals.

Ask yourself, what is your vision for your auto repair shop? Then design how you’ll turn that vision into a reality. 

An efficient business plan will break down the steps you need to take to make your shop successful. It should entail all important details, like how many employees you need and how you’ll market your shop. Dividing the calendar to set daily, weekly and monthly goals paves the way for progress.

A substantial financial plan is the backbone of a solid business. Make sure to have budgeting and saving plans set up. Also, track all expenditures and earnings meticulously. Investing in a good auto repair shop software makes this much easier since it can track and analyze all finances for you.

Mistakes in auto repair business - not having a business plan

Mistake #2: Not Conducting Market Research

A business can never be successful until the owner identifies who the target customers and the competitors are. In-depth market research before setting up your business is essential for expansion and revenue generation. Three important questions you should consider are:

  1. How many other auto repair shops are there within a 10-mile radius of your business?
  2. How many homes are there within the same area?
  3. What is the income of people living in this area?

You should always focus on neighborhoods close to your garage. These people would prefer a nearby shop that offers convenient services. By establishing a good reputation in neighboring areas, you can ensure a regular, loyal customer base. And knowing how much they earn can help you in setting reasonable prices.

There are many companies that can conduct a thorough market analysis for you. Although some business owners think they are unnecessary, hiring one could turn out to be one of the most fruitful investments you make.

Mistake #3: Not Marketing Your Business

So your auto repair shop is up and running, but how will you attract customers? Many business owners assume that they don’t need marketing because the countless people who own cars would naturally have to visit a workshop for repairs. What they don’t realize is that there are plenty of other auto repair shops out there, so a successful one must stand out from the competitors.

Building brand image and awareness should be on top of your list of goals. You can implement regular mail and email strategies to reach more customers. Sending out offers and vouchers, especially to people living nearby, are a great way to draw in new customers.

Having a strong online presence is also essential. Setting up a website and social media accounts can help you find many more potential customers. You can also run ads on platforms like Facebook to boost your reach.

Mistake #4: Not Communicating With Customers

Yes, it is important to reach out to new customers. But retaining your old customers is equally important. A successful business ensures that it has a loyal customer base, and proper communication is the key to forming it.

You should stay in touch with your customers through regular emails. Implementing a reward or offer system for them is also a good strategy. When your customers know that they are valued, they would prefer your auto repair shop over others.

Sending out emails can become a tedious task when you have a long list of clients. A good idea is to get an efficient auto repair software that can handle these interactions for you. For example, you can set up reminders for maintenance sessions that the software sends out automatically. This would increase loyalty, and also save your time by lowering the chances of the customer not showing up.

Mistake #5: Not Streamlining Processes

A business that has a greater chance of failing has no set procedures in place. In contrast, all successful shops have clearly defined, efficient processes that all employees follow.

The best way to standardize all mundane, repetitive tasks is by automating them with auto repair shop software. The software can handle and track all transactions, customer history, and employee productivity. You can also generate analytics to gauge the performance of your business. 

When employees no longer have to work on tedious tasks manually, they can be more productive. So you’ll be saving precious time. And since the human factor would be removed, there would be lesser errors. Supercharge your workflow and streamline all processes with auto repair software that can take your business to the next level.

Generate multiple invoices at once using auto repair invoice software and take a relief of sigh easily. It let you focus on other things.


Every business owner has to face challenges to grow their shop. But if you avoid the mistakes others make, you can achieve success much faster. You should always make sure to keep your client base satisfied and be aware of your competitors. 

And getting sophisticated auto repair shop software can be the best investment you make for your shop. It will streamline all your processes for you. When you no longer have to worry about mundane tasks, you can shift your focus to the creative ones.